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Name: Malachai Daecher

DOB: July 26, 1984

Hometown: Eufaula, OK

Currently Lives: San Francisco, CA

Ethnicity: Irish, German, Native American (Cherokee and Creek tribes). At least, that's all he knows from his mother's side. Didn't meet his father until recently, and only knows so much about him.

Height: 5'8"

Weight: Ranges between 150 and 160 (Depending on how lazy he is, how much he's eaten, and if he's been in the mood to actually work out lately)

Skin Tone: Caramel-ish Tan

Eyes: Green, with Golden Yellow center

Hair: Long and straight, chocolate brown- about mid-back. He keeps it long as a show of respect for his heritage.

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Occupation: Works as a free-hand custom painter, for motorcycles and cars. Is the Sargent At Arms for the RockNRollers MC, and has recently taken on the task of occasional private security for a well-known singer he is good friends with. (MYOW!)
(The security job eventually ended- but on the best terms possible)

-Dreamcatcher on right arm, from shoulder nearly to elbow.
-Irish harp on right shoulder blade.
-Raven carrying a brand of fire on left shoulder blade, one wing wraps over the top of his shoulder, onto his upper chest. Is a cover-up of a tattoo with his ex's name.
-Forearm sleeve of various paintbrushes on left arm.
-His daughter's name (Aine) in script on his chest.

Piercings: Once in each ear lobe.

Answers to Submitted Questions:

What's your favorite color?

What are your favorite sweet and savory foods?
Sweet- Chocolate, of course.
Savory- Fried chicken or fried okra.

How is your bedroom decorated?
(This one will have to be answered at a later date....)

Socks or Barefoot?
Definitely barefoot.

If you were forced to learn one girly craft, what would it be?
Sewing. You never know when some of your clothes, or your club vest, is gonna get torn up in a good fight.

Best Book ever?
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

Why exactly did Chai blame his mother/grandparents for not telling him the truth about his parents? I understand that it was a shock, but weren't they just trying to protect him?
Yes, they were trying to protect him, but in the shock of everything, he just couldn't wrap his mind around why they would have done it. To him, at that point, he believed his whole life, his whole identity, was a lie. A lot of the teasing he endured in high school actually came from the fact that the other kids seemed to guess the secret, seeing the large age difference between Chai and Brenda, and they made horrible comments and innuendos.

He's always been the kind to leave the situation, in order to clear his thoughts and not hurt things any more than need be. But he just never went back.

Best feature about each of your current lovers in RPs? AU's included. [[I am oddly curious. ^^]]
(This may not be the exact answer you wanted, but it's the best way I can put it)
Canon- Chloe: She has that wonderful balance between being able to joke with me one minute, and make me fall for her all over again, the next.

Ezio: He's able to turn my bad days right around. Any time I'm down, I just remind myself that I have someone so wonderful, and it makes me happy again.

Anzo: Anything he does is all-out, from sex, to trying to play a joke on me, to showing his true feelings. There's never a dull moment.

Karston: I love his sweetness and intelligence. Yet neither are overbearing.

Deuce: He's a passionate lover, but doesn't put up with my bullshit. He keeps me on track.

Two people you'd like to have a threesome with?
I decline to state, because anything I say would probably backfire.

If you were allowed to only get one more tattoo for the rest of your life, what would you get and where?
Hm, that's a good one. I say the RnR logo on my left inner forearm, similar to the Dark Mark in the Harry Potter universe. Yes, I'm a dork like that.

Milk or Dark Chocolate?
Depends on what it is, and what I'm in the mood for. I like both.

If you have the ability to read only women's mind (just like in the movie What Women Want), would you use that power for good or evil purposes?
Just women? Oh that's not fair. I wanna read EVERYONE'S minds.... So I don't fuck up and say something that'll make someone mad at me again. I'm really tired of that.

Best way to goof off on a day off?
Laying in bed all day with the person I love.

Ok got a few more for you Mal. First you need to put what piercings you have up
Just once in each ear, but I'm thinking about maybe more. Not sure.

What scars do you have and how did you get them?
Nothing major. Just a few minor cuts and scrapes from normal childhood stupidity. I did get bit on the leg by a black widow when I was about 12, and there was a little mark from that. But it's faded now.

What are the meanings behind your tattoos?
The harp on my shoulder blade- It has no real deep meaning. I just loved the way it looked, and it represents part of my heritage.
The dreamcatcher- After Rosalina died, I kept having horrible dreams about her death, of her coming back to me, of it being me to die instead, anything and everything relating to any of that. I wanted the nightmares to stop, so I got the tattoo, even though it's considered back luck to do so, since the dreams could get stuck with you forever. But it worked. I'm not sure if it was just the belief in it, or what, but I only rarely have those nightmares anymore.
The crow/raven- It's actually a cover-up, of a name and the words "mine forever" in Tsalagi... the Cherokee written dialect. But I found this Sioux legend about how Crow brought the sun, moon, water, and fire to the earth. And the symbolism and imagery just stuck with me.
The sleeve of brushes represents my passion for art. I've always loved to draw, paint, create. Since I was a little kid. And, hidden in the labels of the brushes, are the initials of people very important to me.
The name on my chest? Daughter's name, over my heart. She and Chloe are my world. But I know now not to ever have anyone's name tattooed, unless it's your kid. It jinxes relationships, but your child is always your child.

And... ummm... OH! Have you popped Chloe's cherry yet? *evil laughs and hides from Chloe*
I am NOT answering that!!!

Use one word to describe each of your lovers and each of your relationships [past and present.]
I guess I consider Rosalina my first real "relationship." For years, before and after her, it was nothing more than flings, really. Nothing serious. So my word for all of those would be "sexual."

Then comes Rosalina. For Rosa herself, I'll have to cheat and use two. "Tragically beautiful." The relationship.. "Crushed."

Then came Micah. His would would be "confused." And the relationship... "volatile."

Chloe... "Real." And our relationship... "cherished."

Coffee or Tea?
Honestly depends on my mood. But my coffee must be at least 1/4 milk, and maybe some sugar and chocolate. And I prefer iced tea over hot. With lots of sugar.

Character you most want to be drawn dressed up as?
I don't know? Myself? 'Cause I AM quite the character.



This is a club for all of the sexy art and writings involving deppfan85's Malachai Daecher.





CHLOE!!!! It's my Chloe!!!  Ain't she purdy??…

That is all.
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